Available service and content of a package depends on set-top box and can change any time. EPG and catch-up only on selected channels.

UK & IRISH TV channels.

IPTV FOR YOU offers a wide range of UK and Irish TV channels currently
broadcast in the United Kingdom.


RADIO stations Worldwide.

IPTV FOR YOU offers a wide range Radio stations.

Thousands of radio stations from all over the World via the TuneIn app.

IPTV information and channels list.

You will find all our latest info here on this page: announcements, maintenance info, channel news, updates and other IPTV related information - please contact your local reseller for more information.

Always contact your supplier first and check your own Internet connection before reporting a problem, 99% of the
problems are related to a bad local Internet connection (slow, high latency, congestion during peak hours) and not
to our streaming service.

Pixelation and freezing is the result of a slow Internet connection, high latency or congestion
 during peak hours.

A minimum stable and constant download speed of 2 Mbps is required with a latency not higher than 65 Msec.

If you do not have above, please do not buy one of our boxes. It is best to test your Internet speed between
17.00 and 22.00 hour. This is when the Internet is at its lowest speed in any country due to the
most users being on line.

Any less than a stable 2 Mbps is going to be an extremely frustrating IPTV experience!

There are some limitations to IPTV. IPTV is based on the Internet Protocol, it is sensitive to packet loss and
delays if the Internet connection is
not fast enough or stable.

Make sure when using an IPTV system there are no other active devices using the same Internet connection
when watching TV.


Important general IPTV info, click here.