X = Yes. | BU = Backup Channels. | SUB = Subtitles available on the backup channels. An Internet connection with a minimum and constant download speed of 2 Mbps and a maximum latency of 65 msec is required. *Spare channel.
Available service and content of a package depends on set-top box and can change any time. EPG, Catch-up and Subtitles
only on selected channels. EPG and Catch-up are a FREE extra service and not guaranteed by us.
IPTV service is
not available in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
*Channels are only available outside the UK & Ireland.

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IPTV “Family” (Linux) set-top box.

This is the perfect choice for the whole family who enjoy watching TV with a catch-up facility and an EPG facility. It is easy to connect and has an HDMI and AV output so it’s ready to connect to old and new TVs. Besides the TV channels listed on our website it has many radio channels which can be selected directly from the main menu. Installation is easy and can be carried out by you or by one of our accredited partners.

IPTV “Entertainment Centre” (Android) set-top box.

This top quality set-top box is the perfect choice for users who want more options; it is a full all-round home entertainment centre and based on the Android system. Besides the basic TV options like live TV, catch-up and an EPG the box offers many more possibilities, free Android apps like TuneIN (hundreds of local and national radio stations from all over the World), Android Games, Skype, Netflix and XBMX (hundreds of free movies). Some Android apps are already pre-installed and directly accessible from the remote control or can be easily downloaded and installed from our apps shop

Besides this the box can also be used as an extra hotspot (e.g. WIFI area in your room) so you can connect all your mobile devices to Internet via the set-top box. This is a ‘must have’ set-top box for the more advanced users.

Both set-top boxes have an Ethernet connection to connect the box directly to you Internet via modem/router, a built in WIFI connection, HDMI/AV outputs and USB connections. Packages also include a universal power supply and a remote control.

Build in WIFI




Watch live TV and Radio on your Laptop or Desktop computer. This can also be a very economical and cost effective way to view live TV on your Television set by using a HDMI cable to connect your PC to your TV or a Chromecast wireless adapter. WebTV can also be used as a second screen.

You will need a WebTV subscription for WebTV.

The quality of WebTV depends not only on your Internet connection but also on the performance of your computer.

Price to follow.

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 Are you not happy with your current TV provider? We can connect you to our service.

 When you like to connect your set-top box to our service and the set-top box is
not purchased from
 us or from one of our official partners, use a manual activation request.


Manual activation Telergy, Dune and MAG250 set-top box.